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Runsip Lid


Introducing Runsip® version 2.0

Runsip®  v2.0 is the result of collecting feedback from 100s of users, and it:

  • Improves the speed and accuracy of attaching the lid to a race-day paper cup.
  • Improves the cup/lid seal to stop leaking





Made in the USA

Fresh out of the mold

  • Over a dozen design changes
  • Note the "seal & stability ring" on the underside 





Runsip® Assembly Complete

Runsip®  v2.0 units are assembled and at our fulfillment center, ready to go out.






Runsip® Lid

$ 12.50

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  • Move and drink at your own pace
  • Easily attaches to paper cups
  • Reuse it all your races
  • Light weight at only a half-ounce
  • Less waste, more hydration


 * On orders of 1 or 2 units


 What's Included

A Runsip® lid comes in a reusable container - both are dishwasher safe.  A user guide is also included.

It's Your Race, Drink It In.