Runsip Lid

Meeting Runners' Needs

Runsip® lids have been developed to meet an unmet need for those who run endurance events. In a race a runner needs to hydrate and to keep moving, but this has not been as simple as it should be.

Runsip Lid Designer & Developer Colin FitzSimons

Colin FitzSimons invented the Runsip® lid in 2013 because he is a runner who has run many marathons and half marathons, and did not want to lose time and spill any longer. Also, as a father of 4 boys, Colin is well aware of the many designs used to keep liquids from spilling out of his children’s cups.

So with some necessity and some observation an idea emerged, became drawings, CAD files, patent applications, prototype molds, prototype units, and now a consumer product.

Designed with Ease in Mind

Through the design iterations, material testing, and general product development wrangling, two required concepts remained constant:

  1. A Runsip® lid must attach to a cup with a one handed motion so that a runner is able move through an aid station at his or her pace.
  2. A Runsip® lid must have a no spill seal.

Runsip® lids are a product of Corytus, LLC, which was formed by Colin FitzSimons is 2013 to develop and bring products to market. Runsip® is one of a half dozen or so products/concepts created by Colin that are moving forward.

The first of the US and foreign patents have issued for Runsip® lids. More information can be found here.  Runsip® is a registered trademark of Corytus, LLC.