Runsip Lid

Frequently Asked Questions



Where can I buy a Runsip® lid?

You can click Purchase Now to buy a Runsip® lid via this website.


If you have a favorite running store that might be interested in becoming a retail partner please tell us about them via this form or have them contact us via our Become a Partner form.

How do I use a Runsip® lid?

Our home page shows illustrations that depict each step necessary to best use Runsip® lids.  Our Purchase Now page shows a short clip of how to best use Runsip® lids.

With what cup size will Runsip® lids work?

While Runsip® lids were designed to work on a range of cup sizes, the optimal cup size is the 2.8 inch in diameter 7 ounce cup that is used at most large marathons and half-marathons.

Are Runsip® lids patented?

Yes, the first of the US and foreign patents have issued.  More information can be found here.

How do I separate the cup and the Runsip® lid after I have finished drinking the cup’s contents?

Place your palm on top of the Runsip® lid with your fingers and thumb around the edge of the lid’s cuff, and hold the cup in the other hand. Rotate each hand away from the other while you also pull one away from the other. The rim of the cup may unroll as you do this if the seal was tight. Please find a video clip showing this motion here.

Where are Runsip® lids made?

Runsip® lids and containers are made in the United States of America.

To save time, can I just run with my Runsip® lid tucked in my waistband in the Inverted Position so I don’t have to flip it that way right before each aid station?

It is best to run and store your Runsip® lid in the Drinking Position and not the Inverted Position. This is so you get the optimum performance from the lid. Note that the sides of the Runsip® lid are thinner than the ends. This is key to how the lid attaches to a cup. If left in the Inverted Position for longer than a few minutes, the Runsip® lid will not attach to a paper cup as efficiently and you may experience leaking while drinking. However, the Runsip® lid may return to proper form and performance if left in the Drinking Position for extended periods of time.

My running club sets up a water station or two for long training runs, what type of cup should they buy so that we can use Runsip® lids for our training as well?

The cup that the Runsip® lid was primarily designed for is a 7-ounce wax paper cup that is 2.8 inches in diameter at its drinking end. This is the exact cup used by most large marathons and half-marathons in the United States.

How should I clean my Runsip® lid and the re-usable container?

Your Runsip® lid and its re-usable container can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Warm soapy water is also a good method for cleaning both as well. The materials of the labels on the container were selected because of their ability to withstand these cleaning methods as well.

Do Runsip® lids come in any colors other than blue?

Not currently, but limited releases of other colors are in the works.

For how many races can I plan to use a Runsip® lid?

Your Runsip® lid will not degrade to a point where it no longer functions as long as it is properly cleaned, stored at room temperature but not in direct sunlight, and, most importantly, not left in the Inverted Position for longer than a few minutes at a time.

How should I store a Runsip® lid between races?

Before storing your Runsip® lid, it is best to thoroughly clean it and the container either in a dishwasher or with warm soapy water. Then store your Runsip® lid in its container, at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and in the Drinking Position. Feel free to store it near your well earned race medals.

At what temperature does a Runsip® lid best perform?

Runsip® lids will perform well at any temperature you wish to run a race. However, if race conditions are below freezing, the lid may become a little more rigid but it will still be a helpful race-day tool.

Can I drink hot or warm liquids through a Runsip® lid?

While warmer than race-day temperature liquids could be consumed through a Runsip® lid, please just drink liquids that are room or outdoor temperature.

Are Runsip® lids available for sale to race administrators for all runners in a race?

Yes, a whole race of runners using Runsip® lids is a great way to keep those aid stations clean and safe. For larger races, custom colors are also available. Please reach out to us through our Become a Partner form.

How do Runsip® lids grip so well on my fingers and then also on the cup?

To assist with the grip for the user and then on the cup, Runsip® lids leverage a combination of the thickness/angles of the design and the properties of the material in what we call Advanced Gription TechnologyTM.