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Runsip Flex
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Runsip® Flex

You are on the run, sip from all your cups

  • Make each of your cups a to-go cup

  • Stop losing the lid-and-cup-matching game

  • Great for taking coffee or water out the door

  • Perfect for “big” kids that don’t "need" sippy cups anymore

  • Best for backyard, poolside, beach or boat beverages

  • Use less stuff – cut down on single-use cups and straws

  • Made in USA

Product Details

Runsip® Flex is a patented lid that is universal for cups that hold between 8 and 20 fluid ounces.  Runsip® Flex is made from a material that is approved for use in infant pacifiers.  Accordingly, it is BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, boil safe and is FDA food grade.

Other Details

  • Proudly designed, manufactured and packaged in the United States of America
  • For best use, make sure the inside lip of a cup has a tight fit onto one of the underside rings or steps
    • Please note that while a Runsip® Flex lid can be attached to cups that are too big to fit into the largest step or ring, the seal may not be as good
  • To assure long term performance, try to avoid leaving lid on a cup too long and don't store it in the inverted position

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