Runsip Lid

Learn how to attach a Runsip® lid to your race day cup. 


How to Attach a Runsip® Lid

This video shows the full sequence of steps to attach a Runsip® lid to a cup, but does not include the commentary included in the below step-by-step videos.




  1. The Drinking Position is the form the Runsip® lid takes when attached to a cup and when tucked into your waistband.
  2. The Inverted Position is the form the Runsip® lid takes before attaching it to a cup.




  1. Start with your fingers underneath and your thumbs at 12 and 6 o’clock.
  2. Flip your fingers out as you pivot and press your thumbs inward.
  3. Use your index and little fingers in same flipping motion to flip the shorter sides of the cuff.




  1. Place your fingers inside the cuff at the spout end.
  2. Place your thumb inside the cuff at the non-spout end.
  3. Remember to do this before you get to a race aid station.
  4. Get a cup from an aid station and gently press the lid onto the rim of the cup.




  1. Extend your thumb outward.
  2. After non-spout side snaps down, press your fingertips down on the lid surface.
  3. Pivot your hand and fingers forward to snap the rest of the cuff down.




  1. Drink at your own pace.
  2. Separate the lid from the cup.
  3. Discard the cup.
  4. Tuck the Runsip® lid back into your waistband in the Drinking Position.
  5. Run your race.
  6. Repeat.



Snap (Without a Cup)

Practicing just the Snap step without a cup may be helpful to you.



Practice Without A Cup

This video shows the complete sequence of steps but without a cup.

4 Simple Steps

  1. Flip
  2. Grip
  3. Snap
  4. Sip